Dietitian to Author: Unlock the Power of Self-Publishing on Amazon
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An online course and community to Empower dietitians and healthcare professionals to self-publish on Amazon

Are you trying to diy self-publishing your new book…

and getting stuck in the mountain of overwhelm?

Self-publishing your book is NOT a pipe dream: you just need the right guide (hi there, that’s me!).


Start Your Successful Self-Publishing Journey Today

Are you feeling…

  • Overwhelmed by the self-publishing process? The myriad of steps involved can be daunting without the right guidance.
  • Confused about where to start? Knowing how to begin can be challenging, especially if you’re new to the world of publishing.
  • Frustrated with formatting and technical details? Navigating these specific aspects of self-publishing can be a major hurdle.
  • Unsure about marketing strategies? Effectively promoting your book requires knowledge and planning.
  • Stuck with your story? You have a compelling story to tell but struggle to get it out there effectively.
  • Alone in your writing journey? The lack of support and feedback can make the process feel isolating.

Would you like to…

  • Have a clear, step-by-step guide? Gain a structured roadmap to lead you through every stage of self-publishing.
  • Receive expert insights and advice? Benefit from the knowledge of seasoned professionals who can help you avoid common pitfalls.
  • Easily navigate formatting and technical requirements? Master the technical aspects with ease and confidence.
  • Develop effective marketing strategies? Learn how to promote your book and reach your target audience successfully.
  • Feel excited to share your story? You have a compelling story to tell and the tools to share it effectively with the world.

  • Be part of a supportive community? Connect with fellow authors, share experiences, and receive valuable feedback and encouragement.


Click to Publish

Join Click to Publish to confidently be the captain of your own self-publishing journey.

This comprehensive program offers step-by-step guidance, expert insights, and a supportive community to help you publish your book on Amazon. Perfect for authors at any stage, our course covers everything from book ideation to marketing strategies, ensuring you achieve your publishing goals with confidence.

Who Is The Program For?

This program is for you if …

  • You’re an aspiring author looking to self-publish your first book.
  • You’ve started writing but feel stuck and need guidance to complete and publish your manuscript.
  • You’re overwhelmed by the self-publishing process and need step-by-step instructions.
  • You want access to expert advice and industry best practices.
  • You value community support and peer feedback throughout your publishing journey.


How Click to Publish Works

One investment in your business can generate thousands of dollars in revenue down the line. Inside Click to Publish, you’ll learn how to easily self-publish your book, boost your authority as an expert in your niche, and set yourself up for long-term success as a self-published author.

Module 1: Introduction to Self-Publishing

Answer every question you have about the self-publishing industry including the who, what, where, when, why and most importantly how to do the dang thing yourself! 

Module 2: Get Yourself Prepared

Brainstorm and validate your idea using techniques like Amazon SEO so you become an expert at understanding how to use keywords, categories, pricing strategies, writing product descriptions, and more. 

Module 3: Build Your Book

Create, edit, and proofread the content of your book including a gorgeous, engaging cover design to attract your ideal reader.

Module 4: Format Your Book

Create a ready-to-publish, final draft that’s formatted according to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing requirements and ready for upload.

Module 5: Upload Your Book

Identify and create all of the assets you’ll need to finalize the setup of your book and maximize your rankability on Amazon. You’ll upload your book, review & approve the final proof before you hit publish on your brand new book!

Module 6: Publish and Promote

Capitalize on proven marketing strategies to promote your book from the launch and for years to come. Optimize your reach for long-term success.

What’s included

Program includes:

  • 10+ hours of self-paced video trainings to teach you the step-by-step process that over 60 students have used to self-publish their own nutrition centric book
  • Guided integration workbooks so you can integrate each lesson and immediately start implementing your way to a published finished product
  • Private community of 90+ like-minded dietitians and healthcare professionals who are here to support you and hold you accountable through each step of the self-publishing process
  • Lifetime access to course content, private FB community, and monthly LIVE Q&A calls
  • Growing digital template database with interior and cover files so you can plug & play your unique design and speed up the self-publishing process


Client Successes

“Support, Community, and Guidance”

I personally never thought I would be a self-published author. But, the course Click To Publish provided the support, community, and guidance to make publishing a low content book so much easier- and in only 6 weeks time! Liz is so helpful in providing the framework and making it more “doable.” Looking forward to adding another low content book to my collection.

– Maria Tointon, CTP Student

Client Successes

“Absolute game-changer”

Click to Publish was an absolute game-changer for me as a content creator. The course provided me with a step-by-step framework for creating and publishing high-quality content in a new format—low content books! The course offered practical and actionable advice. Liz knows what she’s talking about and presents the material in a way that is easy to understand and implement. I highly recommend Click to Publish for anyone who wants to take their content creation to the next level. Liz is a fantastic teacher, supporter, and cheerleader for participants. Her course is well worth the investment.

– Rebecca Lindberg, CTP Student

Client Successes

“Lessons were short and easily consumable”

Publishing a book was always a dream of mine but it seemed nearly impossible. Liz makes this process easy and fun! I loved that lessons were short and easily consumable. I couldn’t have imagined I would have a book published on Amazon within WEEKS! There’s nothing like holding the work in your hand, knowing it is accessible to such a large number of people! Thanks Liz and CTP, I couldn’t have done it without you! 

– Sam Nuzio, CTP Student

Steps to Success

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3


Watch the On-Demand Masterclass

Dietitian to Author: Unlocking the Power of Self-Publishing on Amazon Start your journey today!


Download the Workbook

Download this free Self-Publishing Starter Workbook and discover a collection of exercises and guidance designed to ignite your creativity, refine your concepts, and establish a solid foundation for your self-publishing journey.


Schedule a FREE 15-min Clarity Call

Gain personalized guidance to clarify your book idea and next steps.

What To Expect

Seamlessly navigate your self-publishing journey:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum with modules covering every aspect of self-publishing, from initial concept to final marketing strategies.
  • Expert Guidance who will provide tips, best practices, and valuable insights to help you succeed.
  • Interactive Community with 90+ like-minded dietitians and healthcare professionals where you can share your experience, get feedback, and find motivation
  • Live Q&A Sessions to get your questions answered and overcome obstacles
  • Digital Template Library with interior files and cover files for low(er) content books like notebooks and journals
Meet Your Book Coach



I’m so excited you are here!

My passion has always been to help dietitians, like you (and me!), get their messages out into the world. By publishing books, journals, and helpful resources for our clients, we can have greater impact and wider reach.

Dietitians have the opportunity to share their messages through writing. This is an incredible super power. Unfortunately, self-publishing can be fraught with confusion… and did I mention imposter syndrome? This is where I come in: to guide you through the whole process, from idea to published book. Self-publishing has exploded, and now it’s YOUR TURN to share your message with the world.

I cannot wait to help guide you on this journey of becoming a self-published author!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course only for registered dietitian nutritionists?

While the course is focused on reaching registered dietitian nutritionists, other health and wellness professionals are welcome to register for the course. 

Do I need to have an idea for the book before I register for the course?

Nope! It’s totally fine if you don’t have an idea yet for your low or lower content book. Inside Click to Publish, you’ll learn how to generate marketable ideas. All you need to do is show up hungry to learn.

Is this course only for writing low-content books? What if I want to write a manuscript-type book?

While low (or lower) content books are quick and fun to create, there is always space for those who want to write a manuscript-type book. Click to Publish covers everything you need to know to self-publish your manuscript-type easily and efficiently. 

Do I have lifetime access to Click to Publish?

Yes, once you are enrolled in Click to Publish, you have access for life! As the course is updated and new materials are added, you’ll have access to that, too! Your lifetime access includes our Monthly Live Q&A Calls and the replays.

Can I self-publish any book in 6 weeks?

Click to Publish is a self-paced course – so your momentum is completely up to you. You may finish the coursework sooner than 6-weeks or it may take you a bit longer. Life, right? 

What is a low(er)-content book?

A low-content book has minimal or no content on the interior pages. The pages are generally repetitive and designed to be filled in by the user. Common examples include notebooks, journals, and planners. I like the sweet spot between low-content books and manuscript-type books, which I simply call “lower” content books. Students in the course have created books like symptoms trackers, log books, meal planning journals, and other similar works, where there is content in the interior file as well as white space for the user to fill in. These have been a lot of fun to watch students create for their ideal clients in their niches. The opportunities really are endless when it comes to “lower” content books.

Is there a payment plan available for Click to Publish?

Let’s go!

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