60+ Gift Ideas for Bloggers: Dietitian Edition

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Are you looking for gift ideas for the bloggers in your life?

There are so many products, tools, services, and more that bloggers can benefit from for their online business, content creation process, home office, and even for self-care (hello… candles, blue light glasses and back & neck massager).

Although writers and bloggers could always benefit from a good pen or a good notebook, there are SO many other gifts that they would greatly appreciate. These gift ideas for bloggers will help to give you a better idea of what a blogger may want (or need). The below list includes a range of gift ideas at various price points.

Let’s take a closer look. Here are some of the best gifts ideas for the blogger in your life that you can surprise them with this year.

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Gift #1 – CREATE Blog and Editorial Planner: Create Exceptional Content, Get More Done and Smash Through Your Blogging Goals

Gift #3 – The High Performance Planner by Brendon Burchard

Gift #5 – The Dietitian Editor’s Lined Notebooks and Journals 

Gift #5 – The Five Minute Journal, Original Daily Gratitude Journal, Reflection & Manifestation Journal for Mindfulness, Undated Daily Journal

Gift #6 – Pocket notebooks – Bloggers can take this tiny notebook anywhere to help remember those tiny moments of inspiration throughout the day.

Gift Ideas for Bloggers: WRITING TOOLS

Gift #7 Parker Jotter Pens –  You can never go wrong with a high-quality pen like Parker Jotter pens as they’re both stylish and functional.

Photo taken from Baronfig.com

Gift #10 – Dry Erase Markers – Don’t get your blogger friend just any dry erase markers…get them cute and aesthetically pleasing dry erase markers! 

Gift # 11 – Fruit Shaped Sticky Notes – A blogger could never run out of sticky notes! So, why not add a fun twist to this necessary writing tool by making them fruit shaped.

Gift #12Cute Note Pads – These note pads are perfect for writing daily to-do list.

Registered Dietitian Gift, RD Note Pad, RD Gift, RD Notes, Personalized rd, Dietitian Gifts, Dietitian Graduation, Dietitian Grad, Custom rd

Photo retrieved from Etsy.com

Gift #13– Aqua Notes –You never know when inspiration will strike. This comical yet useful gift gives your blogger the power to write even from the shower! 

Gift #14– Giant Whiteboard – Writers are always brainstorming. A giant whiteboard really comes in handy when they are trying to outline an article or story; brainstorm different topics, plan upcoming content around a similar theme, and so much more.

Gift #15– The Writer’s Toolbox – Sometimes writers just get stuck. You know, writers block? This toolbox has writing prompts and fun cues to get them thinking outside of the box.  

Gift Ideas for Bloggers: COFFEE LOVERS

Gift #16 – Coffee Shop Gift Card – Dunkin and Starbucks gift cards are classic gifts that you can never go wrong with.

Photo taken from Clipart Library.
Photo taken from Clipart Library.

Gift #17 – Coffee Maker – The Bialetti Moka Espresso Maker offers a little taste of Italy with every cup of coffee made.

Gift #18 – Good Coffee – Illy espresso packs a punch with bold roasted coffee for late night writing sessions.

Gift #19 – Humorous Coffee Mugs – A coffee lover can never run out of coffee mugs. A funny coffee mug will always guarantee a smile and is a great addition to their collection.

Gift #21 – Coffee Mug Warmer – On the other hand, for bloggers who don’t travel as much, a coffee mug warmer is a great in-home option as well.

Gift #22 – Tea/Mug Infuser – For those who aren’t coffee fanatics but prefer a calming cup of tea, the Everyday Tea Mug will bring peace to the everyday hustle.

a light pink ceramic tea mug with a notch for a tea bag that is wrapped around the handle

Photo retrieved from Theteaspot.com

Gift #23 – Electric Tea Kettle – Cuisinart’s Electric Kettle can be a quick and convenient way for heating up water.

Gift #24 – Assorted Tea Bags – Harney and Sons tea assortment is an exciting way to spruce up any tea lover’s palette.

Gift Ideas for Bloggers: HOME OFFICE

Gift #25– Clock/Timer – An effective gift to keep a writer on track.

Gift #26 – Decorative Wall Art – A good decorative piece can enhance an aesthetic and make any space feel more welcoming.

Gift #27 – Wooden Lap Desk – Say goodbye to using your own finnicky lap as a desk! A wooden lap desk is a stable way to write from anywhere.

Gift #28 – Give the gift of power – Charging power, that is. A wireless charging station is great for all those devices that need charging, whether it’s your smart phone, smart watch, Air Pods, etc.  

Gift #29 –  Laptop Case – A cute laptop case is a stylish accessory to protect a writer’s most important writing tool.

Gift #30 – Bookends – If your blogger friend has an uncontrolled book collection, a bookend will bring organization to their chaotic learning experience.

Gift #31 Mouse Pad – It’s all about the details, so this this dietitian themed mouse pad would be a great addition to a writer’s home office.

Dietitian Mouse Pad Dietitian Gifts Dietetic Intern image 1

Photo retrieved from Etsy.com

Gift #32Decorative Lamp – This apple shaped lamp will surely liven up any dull corner of an office.

Personalized 3D Apple LED Lamp For Nutritionist Gift for image 1

Photo retrieved from Etsy.com

Gift #33 – Blue Light Glasses – For anyone who is constantly staring at the computer screen all day, blue light glasses are a sure win. They help to reduce eye strain and pesky little headaches writers get after hours of work.

Gift #34 – Wifi on the Go –With portable wifi, a blogger can write at any place without internet inconveniences. Just find one that works with their cellular data plan, and they have full internet access right at their fingertips. 

Gift #35 – Freewrite Traveler – Laptops are great, but let’s be honest, they are full of distractions. This distraction-free device guarantees to develop a flow state while writing.

Photo taken from GetFreewrite.com


Gift #36 – Writing Down the Bones

Gift #37 – Will Write for Food

Gift #38 – Virtual Freedom: How to Work with Virtual Staff to Buy More Time, Become More Productive, and Build Your Dream Business

Gift #39 – One Million Followers: How I Built a Massive Social Following in 30 Days

Gift #40 – How To Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soul

Gift #41 – Atomic Habits

Gift #42 – The 5 AM Club

Gift #43 – Oversubscribed

Gift #44 – Kindle

Gift Ideas for Bloggers: AUDIO, VIDEO, AND LIGHTING

Gift #46 – Noise-cancelling headphones – The gift of silence is exactly what writers need to get things done.

Gift #47 – Wireless Speaker – Meanwhile, some writers concentrate best with music in the background, so having a good quality speaker is a necessity.

Gift #48 – Spotify Premium Subscription

gift ideas for bloggers - spotify subscription

Gift #49 – Microphone – A microphone is handy for making podcasts or video recordings.

Gift #50 – Ring Light Kit – A ring light kit is perfect to take great headshots for a writer’s bio. 

Gift #51 – Book Light – Every writer needs a good light to read/write at any given time of the day. This small but mighty stocking stuffer is one of the handiest gifts out there. 


Gift #55 – Blogging Accelerator Program

Gift Ideas for Bloggers: SELF-CARE

Gift #57 – Back and Neck Massager – Looking down at a computer all day is exhausting! Give the gift of pain relief with a mighty back/neck massager. 

Gift #58 – Cozy Blanket – Writing can be very stressful at times, so why not give a writer a sense of comfort with a cozy blanket.

Gift #59 – Lumbar Support Pillow – Writers spend many hours slouching and writing, so save them the pain by giving them a simple lumbar support pillow

Gift #60 – Candles — The smell of a room can create the perfect ambiance for a great writing session. These dietitian-themed candles are sure to set a productive atmosphere.

Registered Dietitian Gift Candle for New Registered Dietitian image 1

Photo retrieved from Etsy.com

Gift #61– Essential Oil Diffuser – Another way to create the perfect writing ambiance is through a calming essential oil diffuser.

Gift #62 – Essential Oil Assortment – What is an essential oil diffuser without essential oils! This essential oil set offers a variety of calming scents to choose from.

Gift #63 – Hydration – Although writing is not a physically strenuous task, bloggers can still get dehydrated. Help your writer stay hydrated with a quality water bottle.


Gift Ideas for Bloggers: MISCELLANEOUS

Gift #64 – Cozy Sweater – A cute, comfy sweater like this one will help your blogger feel right at home wherever they’re writing from.

Registered Dietitian Shirt In My Dietitian Era T Shirt image 1

Photo retrieved from Etsy.com

Gift #65 – Tote Bag – Bloggers need help carrying their heavy computer and books, so a tote bag is much appreciated.

Gift #66 – Pencil Bag – Finally, a place to put all those pens and pencils in! 

Gift #67Stickers – Although stickers are not technically a clothing item, they’re a fun accessory for your computer or other miscellaneous objects.

Dietitian Typo Correction Sticker Dietitian Gift Funny RD image 1

Photo retrieved from Etsy.com

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