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Word of the Week Recap [2022]

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Since January of this year, I’ve been highlighting one word every week to help bring your attention to new words and expand your vocabulary. As writers, it’s so important to be able to utilize descriptive words, appropriate nouns, and verbs that make us want to take action now, to help us best tell our story, share our message, and get our point across to our readers. The word of the week posts have been so much fun to create and share with you over the past year. I look forward to continuing this “word of the week” feature in 2023!

Salubrious (adj.) – favorable to or promoting health or well-being

Probity (n.) – adherence to the highest principles and ideals

Actuate (v.) – to move to action; to start or motivate

Accede (v.) – to express approval or give consent

Celerity (n.) – rapidity of motion or action

Elucidate (v.) – to make (something that is hard to understand) clear or easy to understand

Benevolence (n.) – disposition to do good; an act of kindness; or a generous gift

Imperturbable (adj.) – marked by extreme calm, impassivity, and steadiness

Sedulous (adj.) – involving or accomplished with careful perseverance

Insipid (adj.) – lacking in qualities that interest, stimulate, or challenge; lacking taste or flavor

Tenacious (adj.) – not easily pulled apart; tending to adhere or cling to another substance; persistent in maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something valued or desired

Ubiquitous (adj.) – existing or being everywhere at the same time

Ameliorate (v.) – to make better or more tolerable

Malleable (adj.) – capable of being shaped, altered, or controlled by outside forces or influences

Loquacious (adj.) – full of excessive talk; wordy

Insinuate (v.) – to impart or suggest in an artful or indirect way; to introduce (something such as an idea) gradually or in a subtle, indirect, or covert way

Astute (adj.) – having or showing shrewdness and an ability to notice and understand things clearly; mentally sharp or clever

Palindrome (n.) – a word, verse, or sentence; or a number (such as 1881) that reads the same backward or forward

Affable (adj.) – being pleasant and at ease in talking to others; characterized by ease and friendliness

Sanguine (adj.) – marked by eager hopefulness; confidently optimistic

Fastidious (adj.) – showing or demanding excessive delicacy or care; reflecting a meticulous, sensitive, or demanding attitude; having high standards, difficult to please

Candor (n.) – unreserved, honest, or sincere expression; freedom from prejudice or malice

Sagacious (adj.) – having or showing an ability to understand difficult ideas and situations; and to make good decisions; it implies being wise or discerning

Felicitous (adj.) – very well suited or expressed; pleasant or delightful

Sumptuous (adj.) – extremely costly, rich, luxurious, or magnificent

Assiduous (adj.) – showing great care, attention, and effort; marked by careful unremitting attention or persistent application

Altruistic (adj.) – having or showing an unselfish concern for the welfare of others

Voracious (adj.) – having a huge appetite; ravenous

Symbiotic (adj.) – characterized by or being a close, cooperative, or interdependent relationship

Palpable (adj.) – capable of being touched or felt; tangible; easily perceptible by the mind; manifest

Audacious (adj.) – intrepidly daring; adventurous; marked by originality and verve (In other words, showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks.)

Virtuous (adj.) – having or exhibiting morality; morally excellent; righteous

Ethos (n.) – the distinguishing character, sentiment, moral nature, or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution

Munificent (adj.) – very liberal in giving or bestowing; characterized by great liberality or generosity

Ambivalence (n.) – simultaneous and contradictory attitudes or feelings towards an object, person, or action

Intrepid (adj.) – characterized by resolute fearlessness, fortitude, and endurance

Exultant (adj.) – filled with or expressing great joy or triumph

Preeminent (adj.) – having paramount rank, dignity, or importance

Equanimity (n.) – evenness of mind, especially under stress; right disposition, balance

Prosperous (adj.) – marked by success or economic well-being; enjoying vigorous or healthy growth; flourishing

Meritorious (adj.) – deserving of honor or esteem

Tenacious (adj.) – persistent in maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something valued or desired

Grit (n.) – firmness of mind or spirit; unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger

Gratitude (n.) – the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness

Placid (adj.) – serenely free of interruption or disturbance

Well, there you have it – my word of the week highlights from 2022.

Words are so powerful. The words we choose to speak and to write can have a profound impact (both positive or negative) on the person receiving the message. Choose your words wisely. The wider your vocabulary is, the better you can select the right word from your toolbox… your brain.

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