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Are you trying to diy self-publishing your new book…

and getting stuck in the mountain of overwhelm?

Self-publishing your book is NOT a pipe dream: you just need the right guide (hi there, that’s me!).


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Book Strategy Call

Spark Your Book Idea Now!

In our 60-minute Book Strategy Call, we’ll fine-tune your big idea into a doable plan. You’ll leave the call with clarity on your book concept, we’ll outline key ideas, and develop an action plan to bring your vision to life. This is ideal for aspiring authors like you who are ready to tame your ideas into a tangible product. Let’s set you on the path to writing success.

Online Course & Community

Click to Publish

Publish your book with ease

Join Click to Publish to seamlessly navigate the self-publishing journey. This comprehensive program is both a course and community, skillfully designed for your publishing success. We offer step-by-step guidance, expert insights, and a supportive community with one goal in mind: help you publish your low and lower-content books (or higher-content books) on Amazon. Perfect for authors at any stage, our course covers everything from book ideation to marketing strategies. We have a proven track record to ensure you achieve your publishing goals.

Small Group Mastermind

ELEVATE Book Writing Mastermind

Achieve Your Literary Ambitions

Experience personalized guidance and collaborative growth with our ELEVATE Book Coaching Mastermind. This 10-month program provides you with expert coaching, peer support, and advanced writing techniques to elevate your manuscript. Ideal for serious writers committed to excellence, our mastermind ensures your book reaches its highest potential.


Client Successes

Liz walks you step-by-step through the self-publishing process. Anyone considering self-publishing should sign up for this course – it’s a game-changer.

– Mandy T., Click to Publish Student


Client Successes

If you have ever wanted to self-publish a book but don’t know where to start…start here!

– Rochelle I., Click to Publish Student


Client Successes

Click to Publish helped me launch into the world of Amazon! This program showed me exactly what steps I needed to make to successfully self-publish and make money on this platform. The templates, tools, and community are invaluable.

– Katie D., Click to Publish Student

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Hi there, future self-published author!

I’m Liz

your writing guide, editor, and book coach

I’m so excited you are here!

My passion has always been to help dietitians, like you (and me!), get their messages out into the world. By publishing books, journals, and helpful resources for our clients, we can have greater impact and wider reach.

Dietitians have the opportunity to share their messages through writing. This is an incredible super power. Unfortunately, self-publishing can be fraught with confusion… and did I mention imposter syndrome? This is where I come in: to guide you through the whole process, from idea to published book. Self-publishing has exploded, and now it’s YOUR TURN to share your message with the world.

I cannot wait to help guide you on this journey of becoming a self-published author!

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Discover valuable tools and insights to kickstart your writing journey.


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