Get started on your self-publishing journey today!

Are you a dietitian who's trying to DIY your way through the mountain of overwhelm that goes hand-in-hand with self-publishing your new book?

Or maybe you've decided that publishing your book is just a pipe dream.

Not anymore.

Remember that unfinished manuscript that you’ve been holding onto in the back of your Google Drive for months? Maybe even years?

How about that bulleted list of ideas that’s been hiding in your Notes app for who knows how long?

Or maybe your clients, peers, and loved ones have even been encouraging you to finally write that book?

Click to Publish is your one-stop-shop to learn all about self-publishing your brand new book on Amazon in only six weeks. (*Low or lower content books, or almost finished manuscripts can be completed in six weeks.)

I know you’ve been dreaming about the day that you could share with all of your clients and friends about the brand new book that you self-published. Imagine yourself finally earning the passive income that you’ve only allowed yourself to daydream about. 

You’ve probably watched endless YouTube videos, downloaded a pile of freebies, and talked to everyone you know to learn how to self-publish your next big project on your own.

If I had to guess, your project has probably been delayed indefinitely because you have no idea where to start this project. You’re probably asking yourself…

“Who am I to self-publish a book anyway? 

I’ll tell you who. 

You’re a nutrition expert. You’re a professional with years of experience, certifications, education, and knowledge that needs to be shared with the world.

And you are doing your audience a disservice by not sharing your expertise with the world. Yes, I repeat, you are doing a disservice to your patients, clients, and other people you have yet to impact, by not sharing your message with the world.

If other people can do it, why not you? 

It’s time to finally immerse yourself in the writing & self-publishing process and invest in YOU

If not now, when? If not you, then who?

You’ve waited long enough.


Inside of Click to Publish, you’ll get:

Over 7+ hours of self-paced video trainings to teach you the step-by-step process that over 60 students have used to self-publish their own nutrition centric book

Guided workbooks for each module so you can integrate each lesson and immediately start implementing your way to a published finished product

Access to an exclusive community of like-minded RDNs who are here to support you and hold you accountable through each step of the self-publishing process


Access to Live Monthly Q&A calls PLUS access to the recordings if you cannot join live; join all future Q+A calls, long after you’ve completed the course materials while you’re working on all your future books. 😉

Spotlight interviews on self-published RDNs who’ve been where you are right now & uniquely understand exactly what you want to accomplish


Access to the Digital Template Database for the Interior & Cover Files of your books so you can plug & play your unique design and speed up the self-publishing process 

and so much more! 

When you decide to invest in the long-term success of your business and yourself, you’ll get:

price stack

One investment in your business can generate thousands of dollars in revenue down the line. Inside Click to Publish, you’ll learn how to easily self-publish your new book(s), build up your authority as a nutrition expert in your niche, and set yourself up for long-term success as a self-published author.

Module 1: Introduction to Self-Publishing

Answer every question you have about the self-publishing industry including the who, what, where, when, why and most importantly how to do the dang thing yourself! 


Module 2: Get Yourself Prepared

Brainstorm and validate your idea using signature research techniques like Amazon SEO mining so you become an expert at understanding how to use keywords, categories, pricing strategies, and writing product description and features. 


→ Learn how to create a pre-release marketing strategy and understand the benefits of self publishing your book on Amazon.


Module 3: Build Your Book


→ Create, edit, and proofread the content of your book including a gorgeous, engaging cover design to attract your ideal reader.


Module 4: Format Your Book


→ Create a ready-to-publish, final draft that’s ready for upload before the sales start rolling in.


Module 5: Upload Your Book

→ Identify and create all of the assets you’ll need to finalize the setup of your book and maximize your rankability on Amazon.


You’ll upload your book, review & approve the final proof before you hit publish on your brand new book!


Module 6: Publish, Promote & More


Capitalize on proven marketing strategies to promote your book not only for now, but for months and years to come while optimizing your potential reach.


You’ve waited long enough...

Hello there, Future Self-Published Author!

I’m Liz Jalkiewicz, RDN, LDN, your Click to Publish Coach and Guide. I’m so excited you are here!

My passion has always been to help dietitians, like you (and me!), get their messages out into the world so we can have greater impact and reach.


Marrying the art of dietetics with communications took years of practice, continuing education, and professional development.


I knew early on that RDNs had a special superpower for sharing their messages using the written word, but there has been a gap in the industry for RDNs who knew they wanted to write a book, but couldn’t quite get going via the traditional publishing route. Over recent years, self-publishing has exploded, and it’s now YOUR TURN to share your message with the world.


It all started when I began helping a 1:1 client self-publish her book from soup to nuts. I knew that if I could help just one more dietitian with this self-publishing process on Amazon, it would be a step in the right direction. From this, I got hooked. I wanted to teach dietitians how to do “the thing,” instead of just doing it for them.


That’s why Click to Publish was created. 


The goal is to saturate Amazon search results with dietitian-authored books (instead of the other options that are mostly based on “so-called expert opinions” that are not from credible, evidenced-based sources).


Since July 2022, I’ve helped over 60 ambitious and driven dietitians, just like you, self-publish their credible, evidence-based books so they can not only help more consumers around the world, but also generate more evergreen, passive income for their business. Win-win!


Will YOU be next to Click to Publish?


Q: Is this course only for registered dietitian nutritionists?

A: While the course is focused on reaching registered dietitian nutritionists, other health and wellness professionals are welcome to register for the course. We’ll take self-publishing your next book from a dream to a reality, regardless of your niche. 

Q: Do I need to have an idea for the book before I register for the course?

A: Nope! It’s totally fine if you don’t have an idea yet for your low or lower content book. Inside Click to Publish, you’ll learn how to generate potential ideas, brainstorm keywords, and so much more. All you need to do is show up hungry to learn.

Q: Is this course only for writing low-content books? What if I want to write a manuscript-type book?

A: While low (or lower) content books are quick and fun to create, there is always space for those who want to write a manuscript-type book. Click to Publish covers everything you need to know to self-publish your manuscript-type easily and efficiently. 

Q: Can I self-publish any book in the 6 weeks that it takes to complete the course?

A: Click to Publish is a self-paced course – so your progress is completely up to you. You may finish the coursework sooner than 6-weeks or it may take you a bit longer. Life, right? In order to maximize your results, come prepared with a finished (or almost finished) manuscript that is already in the proofreading stage OR create a low (or lower) content book(s). 

Q: What is a low-content book?

A: According to Amazon KDP, a low-content book has minimal or no content on the interior pages. The pages are generally repetitive and designed to be filled in by the user. Common examples include notebooks, journals, planners, etc. I like the sweet spot between low-content books and manuscript-type books, which I simply call “lower” content books. Students in the course have created books like symptoms trackers, log books, meal planning journals, and other similar works, where there is content in the interior file as well as white space for the user to fill in. These have been a lot of fun to watch students create for their ideal clients in their niches. The opportunities really are endless when it comes to “lower” content books.

Q: Is there a payment plan available for Click to Publish?

A: Yes, there is a 12-month payment plan available via PayPal. Payments are $175/month for twelve months. The one-time payment option of $1,997 is available as well.

Q: Do I have Lifetime Access to Click to Publish?

AYes, once you are enrolled in Click to Publish, you have access for life! As the course is updated and new materials are added, you’ll have access to that, too! And you’ll also receive lifetime access to Monthly Live Q&A Calls in our Private FB Community. (Replays available.)


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