25 Brilliant Blog Topics for Beginners

25 Brilliant Blog Topics for Beginners

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Matched with your first-choice dietetic internship? Landed a seat in a dietetic graduate cohort? Second career dietitian? Passed your RDN exam? Wherever you may find yourself on your registered dietitian nutritionist journey, it’s time to find your voice in blog topics for beginners. Content creation may feel overwhelming when you are navigating the ins and outs, similar to taking the leap into the world of nutrition science. By breaking down each step in crucial detail, you will recognize all the tools at your disposal when writing blog topics for beginners. Without further hesitation, let’s unlock your nutrition and dietetics blogging potential!

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How to Identify Blog Topics for Beginners

The key to identifying blog topics for beginners is knowing more about what the people of the Internet want to read. Eventually, you will narrow down your target audience to hone in on your voice. Knowing your target audience requires a bit of self-reflection and catering to the world’s search engines.

When you initially start a blog, writing blog topics for beginners helps to simultaneously fill those commonly searched needs and provide you with site traffic. Think of your blog as a funnel. While you may know your target audience from the get-go, attracting them will take experimenting with a variety of topics.

In the same way that reaching your target audience comes with time, determining your blog’s purpose may evolve dynamically as you connect with new sides of yourself. Even those left-brained health professionals have a creative facet of their minds to explore!

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How to Tap into Your Blog Niche

Niche blogging and content creation have become increasingly popular in the field of nutrition communications and media. Forming an effective nutrition communication message requires a little background research on the people at the receiving end of your message. Whether you are crafting a presentation or Instagram post, all successful content creators conduct a needs assessment of their target audience in the brainstorming phase.

A needs assessment may include demographics, knowledge gaps, and characteristics of a population. This attention to the audience’s needs and struggles can set you apart in the search engines as the one to provide them with a thoughtful solution. As you write your blog topics for beginners, do not be afraid to engage with your ideal client to learn more about the niche you are trying to fill.

Important details, like lingo and hopes for future content, can arise from these rather small interactions with a big impact for your blogging future. In tandem with those SEO-optimized keywords, using the lingo of your ideal client attracts your niche target audience. The trends of the wellness world can always be tailored to your individual audience as it begins to develop. Putting your spin on what is considered trendy defines your niche even further. Soon, you’ll be talking the language of your blog niche, with the site traffic to back it up!

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25 Blog Topic for Beginners

1.   Foodies & Culinary Nutrition

Maybe it was a love at first bite moment that brought you into your career in nutrition. Share this passion for food with the blogosphere and find your fellow foodie niche with a culinary nutrition focus.

2.   Clinical Nutrition

Being a clinical dietitian takes courage, empathy, and the unlimited ability to think on your feet. While the rest of the field and readers beyond may not excel in these skills, all insight from clinical nutrition can benefit those who wish to understand society’s most pressing public health issues such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and depression.

3.   Books & Literature

Your love of writing and reading all genres may have led you to enjoy a creative outlet such as blogging. Many registered dietitians continue to publish new books on their methods in private practice and overall discoveries after years of experience. Book reviews on nutrition, food, and health & wellness genres can be prime blog topics for beginners. This can also cover cookbooks as well.

4.   Documentaries

Filmmakers without formal nutrition education take stances on public health issues quite often. And their voices can be quite loud depending on their marketing and promotional efforts. As a trusted health professional, you can take a stance and provide your opinion on these documentaries. In addition, you can promote evidence-based messages in your blog and debunk myths, when necessary.

5.   Social Justice

The best healthcare providers, which includes registered dietitian nutritionists, understand that patient-centered care starts with being an advocate for human rights. Speak your truth while fighting for the rights of marginalized voices to be heard and protected in various healthcare settings.

6.   Eating Disorders & Body Image

Almost everybody knows someone affected by disordered eating in some capacity. As a nutrition professional, the most important thing you can do is spread awareness and statistics to end the stigma about this deadly disease.

7.   Writing & Editing

Who wouldn’t want their online content to be the best, both in popularity and linguistically? A technical knowledge of writing and editing coupled with a passion for nutrition media can be a powerful segue into a blogging niche. This blog niche helps support other professionals looking to improve their unique messages.

8.   Nutrition Science Research

Translating research to the general public fills a need in our society and acts as one of the simplest blog topics for beginners in dietetics. If you’re feeling unsure of where you may want to take your blog next, starting with nutrition science research allows for ample directions with a breadth of research domains. Writing about eating disorders research could transform a food psychology platform or perhaps spark a further investigation of available nutrition research.

9.   Sports Nutrition

When talking about sports nutrition, food is fuel for the best possible performance. Supplements, ergogenic aids, and timing of meals are just the tip of the iceberg for blog topics for beginners with sports nutrition.

10.  Current Events & Conferences

Webinars and conferences are just a handful of the current events in the buzzing world of nutrition and dietetics. Attending these events can not only enhance your professional portfolio, but also provide some content for you to build your blog. So while you network and engage with others, be sure to think of how to summarize your favorite events in your next post.

11.  Chronic Disease Prevention

Many risk factors for the leading chronic illnesses in America can be attributed to modifiable causes. Educating the public on ways to prevent common chronic illness protects others from potential future hardship.

12.  Side Hustles

Despite working tirelessly towards or as an RDN, you may still have extra time on your hands. Use this extra time to your wallet’s advantage by exploring side hustles fit for health professionals. Once you have found a few successes, begin to share your experiences as potential blog topics for beginners.

13.  Fitness

Nutrition and exercise go hand-in-hand when identifying sensible lifestyle changes. Many nutrition professionals double as fitness experts for this very reason. Explaining concepts from this interdisciplinary perspective will only help you find your target audience.

14.  Self-Improvement

Whether it be in body, mind, or spirit, many of us are always striving for personal (and professional) growth. A blog on self-improvement heavily aligns with nutrition science, as the foundation for lifestyle change begins with the desire to improve.

15.  Mental Health

Our thoughts and attitudes influence the way we feel about eating, an activity we do numerous times throughout the day. For those with mental health issues, eating can be forgotten, frustrating, or plain futile. Shedding some light on these struggles only brings us closer to learning more about the emotional, mental, and physical components that go along with living a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

16.  Motherhood

As the field of nutrition and dietetics is predominantly female, many RDNs offer insight into the wonders and trials of motherhood through a dietetics lens. Offering fellow mom tips and maternal nutrition recommendations can give your niche that evidence-based, personal touch.

17.  COVID Research

The medical field spent the last two years experiencing extreme confusion and anxiety over the effects of the COVID-19 virus. Bringing more attention to newly published research diffuses misinformation in the media while better protecting the world as a whole.

18.  Travel

Many nutrition professionals relocate for schooling, job opportunities, or family responsibilities. Tapping into each location’s unique culture of nutrition and dietetics fills a practical niche, while inspiring the nomad RDNs altogether.

19.  Entrepreneurship

Have your own LLC? Started your own small business? Work in private practice? The other side of being a successful healthcare professional means comprehending the entrepreneurial potential of our roles and understanding the business side of things that we don’t necessarily learn in school.

20.  Beauty & Skincare

How we eat manifests how we feel both physically and mentally. Explaining the effects of nutrition both inside and out would be an excellent example of nutrition in skincare. Additionally, discussing beauty item favorites shows another layer of interests among of health professionals, especially as the RDN field is predominantly female.

21.  Sustainability

The environment falls victim to our everyday choices. In our personal lives and professional sustainability efforts, nutrition professionals have the public influence to fight for our Earth while advocating for their clients.

22.  Food Insecurity

Making sure nutrient needs are met among all Americans means supporting access to food security for all. Meeting our basic nutrient requirements becomes a challenge when your next meal is not guaranteed. Enlightening others on nonprofits and current legislation to end food insecurity provides an interactive range of blog topics for beginners.     

23.  Social Media Marketing

You may be a TikTok star or an Instagram influencer with dreams of conquering the blogosphere. Content creation takes practice and your eager readers will want all the tips and tricks they can get! Before you know it, you’ll be adding “blogging expert” to your resumé.

24.  Cognitive Health

Brain function may decline with age, but the need for relevant cognitive nutrition blogs never do. In these modern times, our minds are constantly stimulated on overdrive between stressors and responsibility. Sharing knowledge of any bioprotective foods and supplements for our brain could be revolutionary for everyday efficiency and diseases of old age.

25.  Food Photography

Every popular food blogger knows how to draw the reader in with eye-catching, hunger-inducing food photography. Photography of any sort involves an understanding of angles, lighting, photo composition, and color matching. Any of these aspects of food photography would make for lovely blog topics for beginners.

PDF Handout by Abigail Alvarado, RD2Be [April 2022 cohort]

Regardless of the blog topic you choose moving forward, consistency is key. Developing a consistent content creation strategy that works for your schedule will be important in growing your blog’s site traffic. If you did not particularly identify with one of the blog topics for beginners above, feel free to use them as a starting point. Your blog can flourish into something as specific as you would like it to be, but by starting with a more generalized approach, you build from the ground up. All of your hard work towards earning your credential as a registered dietitian nutritionist will continue to propel you forward as you create your blog. Go on and build something that you feel proud to share with the world! The rest will follow suit.

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