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Characteristics of a Good Writer: 13 Must-Have Traits

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Are you an RDN who loves to write, but aren’t sure if you have what it takes to write that nutrition blog or book you’ve been dreaming about? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here are 13 must-have characteristics of a good writer. If you identify with any of these characteristics, let this build your confidence to ultimately follow the wonderful path of writing.  

Characteristics of a Good Writer #1 — Creative, Yet Structured

A good writer has creativity that brings forth many ideas. Yet these ideas are not scrambled everywhere without any direction. Each idea is intentional and has a greater purpose. A good writer knows how to take their creativity and structure it in a way that is beneficial to the reader.

For example, a writer unleashes many brilliant ideas when writing a nutrition-related blog.  However, a good writer focuses in on these ideas and connects them all together to create a masterpiece of a blog post.

Characteristics of a Good Writer #2 — Passionate About Seeking Knowledge

A good writer betters their craft because they love to learn. Seeking knowledge comes in many different forms of professional development like reading books, listening to podcasts, making connections and networking with other writers, joining dietetic practice groups around your niche, and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone to gain new experiences.

Seeking out new learning opportunities is not done exclusively to keep up with the ever-growing world of dietetics, but rather to fuel the flame of the writer’s passion for learning. The more we learn, the more we can write.  

Characteristics of a Good Writer #3 — Works Well Independently

A good writer works independently by minimizing distractions to reach their short and long-term goals. Additionally, good writers have much accountability by holding themselves to a higher standard without the need for outside influences.  

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Characteristics of a Good Writer #4 — Practices Self-reflection

A good writer actively tunes in with their thoughts. Often times self-reflection is hindered by the chaos and noise all around us, yet a good writer tunes out the noise and hears themselves think. 

An excellent writer takes every bit of information, fully processes it, and applies it to their lives to create relevant content for their readers.  

Characteristics of a Good Writer #5 — Thinks Outside the Box

A good writer challenges the norm and by thinking outside the box. They are innovative and are constantly thinking of the next “big thing” to share.

Whether it’s a new recipe, lifestyle hack, or an inventive way to help others, there is always a concept being built in a good writer’s head that goes beyond the status quo.

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Characteristics of a Good Writer #6 — Explains Concepts Better on Paper

Oftentimes, good writers explain concepts and ideas better on paper. Although expressing these ideas out loud does the trick for some people, a good writer’s superpower lies within the written word. They fully grasp their ideas by using the written word to discover the depths of their concept.

Characteristics of a Good Writer #7 — Ambitious

A good writer is immensely ambitious and does not shy away from a challenge. They put in the time, effort, and focus for each task they take on.

Big projects are achieved like writing a nutrition-related book or creating a successful blog and social media platform. There is this unmatched desire to go forth and utilize their gift of writing to the best of their ability.

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Characteristics of a Good Writer #8 — Always Thinking Ahead

Good writers have their ambitions, but they take the time to plan for its eventual completion. They look beyond the present and see into the future. Dates and times are set to hit milestone goals which are followed through to the end.

Characteristics of a Good Writer #9 — Well-Developed Organizational Skills

In order to plan, good writers have well-developed organizational skills. They are full of objectives, but they know how to harness each objective by storing/using them in the right place and at the right time.

Additionally, good writers are excellent at organizing how their information is presented. They possess an understanding of the direction they want to take, so they intentionally organize each step with purpose, logic, and a proper flow.  

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Characteristics of a Good Writer #10 — Goal-Oriented

A good writer’s way of life is goal-oriented. With each agenda in mind, they possess an undeterred focus and determination to see their agenda’s fulfillment.

These goals keep a good writer on the right track. Hence, they always have something to work towards to keep their passions alive and strong.

Characteristics of a Good Writer #11 — A “Near” Perfectionist  

Good writers are detail-oriented as they are near perfectionist at heart. Each aspect of their work possesses a deep and unmatched excellence. If something is not up to their standards, a good writer simply keeps working at their craft until it has that quality factor that they’re looking for.

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Characteristics of a Good Writer #12 — Strong Vocabulary

A good writer has a plethora of vocabulary ready to be used at any moment. They have the words to describe and explain any concept with ease. Yet, they know how to use their level of vocabulary to fit their audience’s understanding, too.

An RDN that’s a good writer has the dietitian lingo written in their hearts and minds. From cooking techniques to the concepts of the human body, an RDN is prepared to write for both health professional and consumer-friendly audiences.  

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Characteristics of a Good Writer #13 — Writes Often

Simply put, a writer writes! There is no better indicator that someone is a good writer than by observing their writing patterns.

An RDN that has good writing skills is constantly using the written word to write nutritional guidance, a new recipe, journaling, or they just use writing to express a message to the world.

In the end, anyone can be a good writer! These qualities are meant to call all the RDNs out there who have a message and need the confidence to share their message through writing.

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