FNCE® 2023

FNCE® 2023 – Guide to Maximize Your Experience  

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Are you ready for FNCE® 2023? Mark your calendars. This year, the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE®) will be held from October 7th through October 10th in Denver, Colorado. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a student just starting your journey, FNCE® offers a fantastic opportunity for attendees to gather, learn, and connect. 

In this guide, you’ll find: 

  • the benefits of attending FNCE® 2023
  • a list of sessions you don’t want to miss as an entrepreneurial dietitian
  • information about DPGs and MIGs at FNCE®
  • a 10-point checklist to maximize your FNCE® experience
Academy Member StatusEarly Bird
*full week / one day
*full week / one day
FNCE® Front Row
***full week only
Active Member$395$265$485$305$219
Retired Member$235$210$325$255$149
Student Member$155$135$205$165$99
Retired Non-Member$555$535$595$565$239
Student Non-Member$225$205$295$235$159

*Early bird: register on or before September 8, 2023

**Standard: register after September 8, 2023

***FNCE® Front Row: register by October 10, 2023

5 Benefits of Attending FNCE® 2023

Are you on the fence about going to FNCE® this year? Attending this professional conference can offer numerous benefits to individuals seeking personal and career growth. Here are 5 key benefits.

1. Networking opportunities 

FNCE® is a wonderful mix of food and nutrition professionals from a variety of areas within the nutrition and dietetics field. This conference provides the perfect opportunity to explore potential collaborations, share resources, and find synergies that can benefit all parties involved. Engaging with professionals from different backgrounds can stimulate creativity and expose you to fresh insights that can positively impact your work. 

In addition, meeting new people and stepping out of your comfort zone can contribute to your overall personal growth, helping enhance your communication skills and even boost your confidence. For dietetic students, new grads, or dietitians looking for a change, FNCE® is also a great way to explore new job prospects or seek advice from experienced professionals. 

Feeling a little nervous about networking at a professional conference like FNCE®

2. Expand your knowledge

FNCE® offers a platform to learn from industry leaders and experts. From keynote speeches to presentations to panel discussions and workshops, there are a plethora of opportunities to gain valuable insights and practical knowledge. Listening to success stories, challenges, and strategies from keynote speakers and other industry leaders is a great way to build that professional drive and motivation to help you push your own boundaries.  

3. Access to latest research and trends

The field of nutrition and dietetics is constantly evolving and FNCE® is an ideal way to explore the latest research and emerging trends. Workshops, educational sessions, panel discussions, posters, and exhibits are all designed to shed light on these new ideas, technologies, products, and methodologies. 

Active participation is key to help further your understanding into the latest trends and discover innovative approaches that can benefit you in your own field of work. Learning about the “latest and greatest” can also be very exciting and perhaps reignite or simply strengthen your interest in nutrition and dietetics.

4. Brand visibility

Hand-in-hand with the first benefit discussed, “Networking opportunities,” FNCE® provides you with an opportunity to represent your personal brand and business. By engaging in conversations, participating in session discussions and showcasing your expertise, you can increase your visibility, potentially leading to new opportunities and collaborations. 

5. Attend the Expo

Last but not least, the FNCE® Expo. With over 140 exhibitors, the Expo provides a welcoming environment to engage with exhibitors to learn about new products and services. There are also opportunities to earn CPEUs and obtain free product samples and client resources. 

  • Expo Theater – culinary demos
  • FNCE® Spotlight Stage – 20-minute demos/presentations on new products
  • A one-day exhibit focused on connecting attendees with employment opportunities, dietetic internships, or graduate programs
  • A one-day exhibit that highlights products developed by Academy members

Navigating FNCE® 2023 Sessions

For instance, the Media and Communications Track lists 7 applicable sessions. The table below provides a brief summary of each session. 

The Power of Language: Identifying and Eliminating Bias in Practice and Media
Experts examine potentially harmful uses of language, common instances of bias and demonstrate how to implement changes to create a more engaging, positive environment.
Unleashing Your Dietetics Superpower Through Storytelling
Discuss the power of storytelling for career building, apply steps for effective storytelling to make you marketable to potential clients, and elicit stories from dietitians that have led to their unique professions. 
Integrating Cultural Sensitivity and Inclusivity in Global Foods and Counseling and Communications Courses
Discuss how to integrate cultural definitions and framework of global foods course into curriculum, identify strategies to teach and assess cultural sensitivity and inclusivity in nutrition and communication courses and articulate a plan to develop cultural competence in order to advance the efficacy of dietetics.
Write and Test Recipes with Confidence!
Learn about the recipe writing workflow process, recipe writing red flags food editors use in evaluating recipes for publication, and the step-by-step guidelines professional recipe testers use to ensure home cooks can consistently replicate a recipe. 
Communicating with Cultural Competence in Sports Nutrition 
Identify steps to enhance practitioner-athlete trust and customize the athlete care process in an inclusive way to decrease athlete pushback and perceptions of unsupportive care. Discuss how to communicate with cultural competence working with athletes, teams and performance professionals.
So You Want to Write a Cookbook? Author Insights and Strategies for Publishing Success
Examine effective food communication strategies to best convey your message to clients and stakeholders in food writing projects like cookbooks. Learn steps to develop a cookbook and food styling tips to enhance any food writing project.
Be a Better Podcaster: How To Hone Your Voice and Grow Your Audience
Take a closer look at podcasting in terms of time commitment, equipment, pre-launch research and planning. Discuss brainstorming topics, establishing recording, editing and marketing strategies, current challenges of monetization and ideas to leverage a podcast for value. 

If you’re looking to take your FNCE® 2023 experience even further, there are a handful of workshops and special activities offered for an added cost. Here is a sample of Pre-FNCE® options to consider:

Academy Groups at FNCE® 2023

Dietetic Practice Groups (DPGs) cater to specific areas of practice within the field of nutrition and dietetics. DPGs provide members with resources, networking and professional development opportunities. Member Interest Groups (MIGs) are made up of Academy members sharing common interests, issues or backgrounds. 

Remember to check out your DPG’s FNCE® page to see what special events are offered by your group. 

Behavioral Health NutritionCardiovascular Health and Well-beingClinical Nutrition ManagementDiabetes
Dietetics in Health Care CommunitiesDietitians in Business and CommunicationsDietitians in Integrative and Functional MedicineDietitians in Medical Nutrition Therapy
Dietitians in Nutrition Support®Food and Culinary ProfessionalHealthy AgingHunger and Environmental Nutrition
Management in Food and Nutrition SystemsNutrition Education for the PublicNutrition Educators of Health ProfessionalsNutrition Entrepreneurs
Nutrition Informatics®Oncology NutritionPediatric NutritionPublic Health/Community Nutrition
Renal DietitiansResearchSchool Nutrition ServicesSports and Human Performance Nutrition
Vegetarian NutritionWeight ManagementWomen’s Health

Similar to DPGs, stay up-to-date with your MIGs for FNCE® 2023 events. Continue to check the website of the MIG for added workshops, social events, awards receptions, and showcases.

Final Thoughts 

With FNCE® 2023 just a few months away, now is the time decide whether you will be a part of this invaluable opportunity for professional and personal growth. We explored advantages of attending FNCE®, including networking opportunities and gaining insight into the latest research and trends. 

Additionally, we discussed the importance of thorough planning before attending the conference. This includes taking time to define your purpose for attending FNCE® 2023. Set specific goals and objectives such as attending specific sessions and exhibits, connecting with “X number of new people per day,” and identifying potential new business opportunities. For more tips on how to maximize your time at FNCE® this year, see the 10-point checklist below. 

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