Best Fonts for Book Covers

Published on: 12/04/2023
Published By: Liz Jalkiewicz
best fonts for book covers

Don’t judge a book by its cover. We hear people say this all the time. However, when we are strolling the aisles in Barnes & Noble, can you honestly say that you don’t judge a book by its cover? It’s difficult not to. The imagery, the colors, and yes, the font type are all so strategically selected to stop you in your tracks. 

Choosing the right font for your book cover is so important as it significantly impacts the aesthetic of your design. In this article, we’ll be highlighting some of the best fonts to help your book cover stand out.

Serif Fonts

Serif fonts are a classic choice for book covers. They have small lines or flourishes at the end of each stroke and are often used in traditional or historical book genres. 

  1. EB Garamond

Description: A classic serif font with a timeless and elegant appearance. 

Usefulness:  Fit for a variety of book covers 

  1. Baskerville Display PT

Description: This font has a sophisticated and stylish flare that’s highly readable. 

Usefulness: Classic literature and non-fiction 

  1. Caslon #540:

Description: Caslon #540 has a timeless quality with its clean and classic proportions. 

Usefulness: Pairs great with traditional and modern designs. 

  1. Sabon

Description: Another readable font that has an old-fashioned feel to it. 

Usefulness: Classic Literature and non-fiction 

  1. CMU Serif

Description: This modest font is refined in nature and easy to read. 

Usefulness: Works well with professional and scholarly texts 

  1. Times New Roman: 

Description: Times New Roman is the most classic font there is as it’s known for its traditional and professional appearance.

Usefulness: Academic and scholarly texts as well as business and legal documents 

Sans-serif Fonts

Sans-serif fonts are clean and modern, so they are often used for contemporary book genres such as science fiction, self-help, or business. 

  1. Helvetica

Description: This font has a modern and simple design that is very versatile. 

Usefulness: Works well with a variety of books with light and contemporary topics

  1. Futura:

Description: Futura has clean lines and geometric shapes which makes this font very versatile. 

Usefulness: Can work with genres from science fiction to non-fiction

  1. Gill Sans

Description: A clear font that has a subtle boldness to it. 

Usefulness: A general font fit for numerous genres. 

  1. Univers

Description: Univers has a professional design with a hint of edge. 

Usefulness: Editorial and contemporary works. 

  1. Avenir

Description: Avenir is a dainty font that has a hint of novelty to it. 

Usefulness: Can be used for business/finance to self-help novels and memoirs 

  1. Arial

Description: This very popular sans-serif font is neat and comprehensive. 

Usefulness: Not fit for book covers that require a more decorative appearance but is a good option for covers that need a sleek and orderly look 

Display Fonts

Display fonts are highly decorative and are often used for book titles to create an eye-catching design. They are often more attention-grabbing than text fonts and can be a great way to add personality and style to a book cover. Some popular display fonts for book covers include:

  1. Cinzel

Description: This display font has a bold appearance with an elegant flair. 

Usefulness: Historical and epic fiction book covers 

  1. Didot LP

Description: Didot LP has high-contrast lines with stylish strokes. 

Usefulness: Fashion and design book covers 

  1. Cyrillic Bodoni

Description: Cyrillic Bodoni has similar qualities to Didot LP but with a bit more boldness. 

Usefulness: Fashion and Design book covers 

  1. Bebas Neue

Description: This font has a minimalistic touch in addition to its novel aesthetic. 

Usefulness: From business/finance to thriller and horror genres 

  1. Lobster

Description: Lobster has a playful aspect to it which adds to its dashing strokes and curves. 

Usefulness: Romance, chick-flick, and young adult fiction 

  1. Impact:

Description: This bold font is best recognized for its signficant proportions and great legibility 

Usefulness: Genres that have a sense of urgency 

Handwritten Fonts

Handwritten fonts can add a personal touch to book covers and are often used for memoirs or other personal stories. They can be playful or elegant, depending on the specific style and tone of the font. Here are some popular handwritten fonts for book covers:

  1. Pacifico

Description: Pacifico is a beautiful font that is both curvy and fun. 

Usefulness: Great for romance novels, young adult fiction, and children’s books 

  1. Alex Brush

Description: These flowing strokes have an historical aspect to it that are tasteful in character. 

Usefulness: Historical fiction, memoirs, and self-help books

  1. Dancing Script

Description: Dancing script has a graceful flow that gives off a playful vibe. 

Usefulness: Romance novels, poetry, and memoirs 

  1. Great Vibes

Description: Great Vibes carries a sophisticated and elegant curvature that has an antique ambiance. 

Usefulness: Historical fiction, memoirs, and romance novels 

  1. Italianno

Description: Italianno is a decorative script font popular for its ornate and sophisticated style. 

Usefulness: Historical fiction, memoirs, and self-help books 

  1. Brush Script

Description: Brush script strikes a balance between casualness and elegance which creates a whimsical tone. 

Usefulness: Romance novels, memoirs, self-help books, children’s books, and young adult fiction

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