19 October Blog Post Ideas for Dietitians

Published on: 09/30/2022
Published By: Liz Jalkiewicz
October blog post ideas

Looking for some October blog post ideas for your content calendar? Look no further! It’s almost October, which means pumpkin season is in full effect. Based on my experience, people either love pumpkin-spice; or they don’t. There’s no in between with this one. Have you purchased your favorite pumpkin-spice item yet? Whether it’s pumpkin coffee, pumpkin donuts, pumpkin oatmeal, or pumpkin pie, nothing says fall like pumpkin-spice anything and everything. While National Pumpkin Spice Day is October 1st and National Pumpkin Day is October 26th, it’s important to note that pumpkin isn’t the only thing that trends in October. In this blog, I’m sharing some additional ideas that you can integrate into your October calendar.

Planning Your October Blog Post Ideas Early

We typically start to see retailers turn their end cap displays into pumpkin spice havens around mid-late August and before you know it, you’re going through the drive-thru at your local coffee shop ordering a pumpkin spice latte while on your way to the pool. Something is just not right with this picture, am I right? Either way, pumpkin spice helps define the beginning of the fall season.

Just like retailers, registered dietitian nutritionists should also be preparing their blog post ideas and content calendars ahead of time so they can churn out timely, relevant content that is consistent with the trends and food holidays happening throughout the year.

Customize and Create October Blog Post Ideas Around Your Ideal Client

It can be overwhelming at times to constantly be creative and come up with new and exciting blog post ideas, educational materials, presentations, social media posts and more. Instead, use these key food holidays and themes throughout the year to help take some of the guess work off our plate. Lean into these themes and holidays to customize and build out content around your niche to best serve and reach your audiences.

For example, October is National Seafood Month. There are many different angles you can take with this one depending on who your ideal client is for your business.

  • Are you trying to create a shopping list for a busy parent who wants to start including more seafood in their family’s diet, but doesn’t know where to start?
  • Maybe you are working with a patient that has high cholesterol and they’re looking for better ways to prepare seafood for meals.
  • Perhaps it’s a Top 10 list focusing on sustainable seafood choices based on where you live.

There are numerous angles you can take with each of the below themes and holidays depending on who you are trying to reach.

Below, you’ll find some links to resources where you can dig deeper into each topic, as well as, some key hashtags, and list of brands, associations or commodity groups that have consumer-friendly educational resources and/or have a history of collaborating with registered dietitian nutritionists. (*Note – this is by no means an all-inclusive list of resources. It’s meant to spark inspiration. There are no affiliate links below.)

Let’s take a look at what’s going on in October.

october blog post ideas
October blog post ideas – monthly topics
october blog post ideas
October blog post ideas – daily topics

Highlight These October Blog Post Ideas in Your Content Calendar

National Seafood Month

  • Hashtags
    • #EatSeafoodAmerica
    • #Seafood4Health
    • #Seafood2xWk
    • #Omega3s

National Apple Month

  • Hashtags
    • #AppleMonth
    • #NationalAppleMonth

National Pasta Month

  • Hashtags
    • #BarillaPastaMonth
    • #PastaMonth
    • #ShareThePasta

Vegetarian Awareness Month

  • Hashtags
    • #Vegetarian
    • #PlantBased
    • #VegetarianRecipes

National Cranberry Month

National Pork Month

  • Resources from Brands/Associations/Commodities
    • National Pork Board

National Pumpkin Month

National Pineapple Month

Highlight These Awareness Days In Your October Calendar

Aside from monthly highlights, there are a few noteworthy days to also add to your content calendar this month including:

National Pumpkin Spice Day (10/1)

  • Share how to make your own pumpkin-spice blend at home.
  • Create a list of different ways you can sprinkle in some pumpkin-spice to your breakfast, snacks, and beverages this fall.

National Taco Day (10/4)

  • Discuss various ways to make tacos using different proteins sources, whether they are animal-based or plant-forward options. Share culturally diverse taco recipes, shopping lists and more. Use #tacotuesday.

National Noodle Day (10/6)

  • Discuss different types of noodles available around the world. Every cuisine has some variation of a noodle, so educating consumers on various forms of noodles encourages them to expand their palette, and learn different culinary applications for each.

World Egg Day (10/14)

National Mushroom Day (10/15)

World Food Day (10/16)

National Nut Day (10/22)

World Pasta Day (10/25)

National Pumpkin Day (10/26)

  • Share a Top 10 list of all the things you can do with 100% pure canned pumpkin this fall and winter.

National Chocolate Day (10/28)

National Oatmeal Day (10/29)

  • Resources from Brands/Associations/Commodities

Halloween (10/31)

  • Discuss fun Halloween-inspired recipes and beverages.
  • Share tip on how to handle leftover Halloween candy.

What types of content could you build around these food holidays/themes?

  • Patient/Client Education Materials
  • Shopping Lists
  • Meal Plans
  • Blog Articles
  • Instagram Posts
  • Images in Canva
  • Online classes
  • Cooking demos
  • Tutorials
  • Videos/Reels
  • Social media copy
  • Web copy
  • Recipes
  • Digital Downloads
  • And more!

The Takeaway

It’s important to leverage these topics that are right at your fingertips, instead of trying to recreate the wheel each and every time you sit down to write. Use these themes and food holidays as a starting point to educate your audiences. Take the opportunity to join the discussion that’s already happening online around these these October blog ideas into your content calendar, and customize your message to speak directly to your ideal client. Looking for more content inspiration? Check out my Content Inspiration and Planning Workbook.

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