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13+ December Blog Post Ideas for Dietitians

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December is here. We are in full swing with the holidays, parties, shopping, baking, and more. It’s easy to let this time of year get the best of us. Schedules are hectic and stress levels can run high. The more we can plan ahead this month, the better – and this includes planning ahead for tour December blog post ideas for your content calendar.

Below I’ve listed 13+ food and nutrition-related blog post ideas for your December calendar that are worth sharing and trying to tie back to your niche or specialty area for your ideal client. But before we get into these 13+ December blog post ideas, I’d like to highlight some other ways you can engage with your audience during the month of December on your social accounts. 

Customize and Create Content That Sparks Emotion With Your Ideal Client  

During this holiday season, it’s so important to connect with your online audiences through storytelling. Storytelling helps evoke emotion and brings back those nostalgic memories and moments from the past. By asking some of these questions below or using some of these types of posts, you can spark those conversations and stories with your online communities and get them more engaged with you and your brand. 

Ask them “on a scale of 1-10″ questions. 

Post This or That images. 

Post an A/B/C/D image. 

Do a survey or poll. 

“Caption this photo” in a post

“Fill-in-the-blank” with a statement 

Yes or no questions

“Did you know?” questions 

Tell them to tag someone they know. 

Create savable content that they’ll want to refer back to later. 

Some holiday questions that can evoke emotion can include things like: 

What’s your favorite Christmas cookie? 

Do you have a favorite holiday song or jingle? 

What’s on your wish list this holiday season? 

Can you share your favorite holiday movie? 

How are you ringing in the New Year? 

Do you have any New Year’s Even traditions? 

13+ December Blog Post Ideas for Dietitians

There are numerous angles you can take with each of the below themes and holidays for your December calendar depending on who you are trying to reach. Let’s take a closer look at each one below. 

Below, you’ll find some links to resources where you can dig deeper into each topic, as well as a list of brands, associations or commodity groups that have consumer-friendly educational resources and/or have a history of collaborating with registered dietitian nutritionists. (*Note – this is by no means an all-inclusive list of resources. It’s meant to spark inspirationThere are no affiliate links below.

Let’s take a look at what’s going on in December.  

December blog post ideas
December blog post ideas – monthly
December blog post ideas
December blog post ideas – daily

December is National Pear Month 

Check out these resources from national organizations and brands where you can find more information on the nutrition benefits of pears, as well as holiday recipes and more. 

Pear Resources: 

Aside from monthly highlights, there are a few noteworthy days to also add to your content calendar this month including: 

National Eat a Red Apple Day (12/1) 

Be sure to use the hashtag #EatARedAppleDay when posting your content. 

Apple Resources:

Yes, there is such a thing as national cookie day. How will you celebrate this year?

National Gazpacho Day (12/6) 

Who knew there was a whole day devoted to gazpacho? Gazpacho is a Spanish-style soup primarily made from tomatoes and some other vegetables that is served cold. My dear friend and colleague, Ellie Krieger, has a wonderful recipe for gazpacho that I’d like to share with you here – 

National Brownie Day (12/8)

Americans loves brownies. Be sure to celebrate on this day in December. Whether you make brownies from scratch or from a box, be sure to sit down and enjoy this chocolatey, gooey, indulgent treat with your loved ones.

National Cocoa Day (12/13) 

So, did you know that there is technically a difference between hot cocoa and hot chocolate?  

Hot cocoa is usually made from cocoa powder in combination with sugar and milk which makes it sweet and lighter in texture and consistency. It can often contain added flavors like vanilla or cinnamon as well.  

On the other hand, hot chocolate is simply melted chocolate in beverage form. True hot chocolate is much denser and richer than its powdery alternative. Use good quality milk or dark chocolate and combine it with milk for a rich, decadent warm beverage this holiday season.  

Whichever you prefer, be sure to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or hot cocoa on the 13th

Christmas Day (12/25) 

Asking about family traditions around the holidays is always a great way to get people talking. Find out more about recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, where do folk’s travel to for the holidays, and what is their favorite holiday memory?

Try to get your online communities to open up and share their stories with you as they draw on their memories from the holiday season. Food memories are always a great place to start! 

National Champagne Day (12/31) 

There isn’t much to say here about this one, other than it ties directly into the holiday below which is New Year’s Eve! What better way to celebrate and ring in the New Year than with family, friends, and a glass of bubbly?! 

New Year’s Eve (12/31) 

The New Year always bring on a feeling of a new, fresh beginning. A time when we can hit the reset button and start over. For many, this means setting new goals for the New Year as it relates to their personal life and/or their professional life. It’s a time when we can reflect on the past year and identify our wins and our struggles, the opportunities and the challenges, and learn from it all. Cheers to 2023! 

What types of content could you build around these December blog post ideas?  

  • Patient/Client Education Materials 
  • Shopping Lists 
  • Checklists 
  • Top 10 Lists 
  • Meal Plans 
  • Snack Ideas 
  • Blog Articles 
  • Instagram Posts 
  • Worksheets and Workbooks 
  • Canva images
  • Online classes 
  • Social media copy 
  • Web copy 
  • Recipes 
  • Digital Downloads 
  • And more! 

The Takeaway  

Lean into some of these December blog post ideas to help alleviate some pressure when trying to think about what you’ll write about next. Join conversations that are already taking place online and tailor them to your ideal client so you can customize your message and help provide solutions to their problems. 

💡Looking for more monthly content inspiration?

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